Wednesday, December 16, 2009

E-day Progress Report 1 ..

Sorry readers for not updating my blog since awhile. I’ve been so busy lately. I think since the day he came down to KL meeting my parents to discuss about our engagement day. Look at your left side, I’ve update the chronicles for my engagement day! Yeay, I climb another ladder in a so called boy and girl relationship, from a couple to a fiancĂ© to be. Alhamdulillah.

Okay, let’s start the story. After all the engagement details have been fixed, we start looking for the hantaran material. My kezen, Sis Noli, has been appointed by me to be my advisor and to help me with the hantaran. The moment I step my foot in the Sayang You store, I ask myself is this for real or I’m just dreaming? Hehe. So for the first day hunting, I just did a survey around jalan TAR. However, he bought the ring holder and bunga rampai case. Not to forget, we had bought the ring (very very important thing), his shirt and pants, and my kain for baju kurung before he went back to JB.

A week after that, I’d gone for hantaran hunting again. But this time I went with my uncle, auntie and sis Noli around Shah Alam area. Luckily, I found something that I love so much to be part of my hantaran deco at a very affordable price. And the moment I see all the gifts deco, I knew my mum would love it so much. An English or vintage style was like a dream of my hantaran would be. I spent about MYR50 for a gift box, a bowl and a two tier plate. I don’t know whether it can be so called cheap or not since it would depends on the bride’s budget. I think I would consider the price as ok since I’ve seen the vintage style at SSF Home Deco which would cost me a bomb. The first thing that attracts my attention is the candle holder in a hot pink and white color which we are going to transform it to be my bunga rampai holder (this one would be sponsor by my uncle). So from there, all the idea’s how my hantaran would be decorated suddenly came in. A vintage style that’s what my kezen name it. Once I start getting what I want, I’ve been so excited to complete the hantaran hunting. But as my kezen said, no rush, takut nanti we’re not gonna spend wisely. Still my hantaran hunting not complete yet, there are more to look and scout for; flower, ribbon, candle, another two candle holder, the fruit basket, and etc. And all are the deco stuff.

The following day, I just can’t stop my desire to look for more things for the hantaran deco. So I ask my sister to accompany me to look all the shop that we miss during the 1st hunting mission. First pit stop was the SSF Home Deco but not much that attracts my attention. It just the flowers that maybe we can consider. Then I go to the mall next to Semua House. Oh oh ..So many wedding stuff there. I did a survey on the tepak sirih and pahar if we can get the things cheaper there. While scouting around, my mother called for very good news. She informed me that she already bought the tepak sirih, pahar and also perenjis. Yeay! Selesai satu perkara. My hunting goes nowhere since there’s nothing to buy at my cost.

All kind of feelings rushing through my body and brain the moment I know that I have to get prepare for the engagement day. Feel like a dream, scared, worried, excited, happy…macam2 la. Betul ke aku ni dah nak jadi tunang orang. Macam kelaka pun ader jugak. Biler draft down action item yang kene buat ..adoi ..banyaknya. Sampai raser takut aper yang dihajati tak jadi kenyataan jer. But like all the brides blog have said, I’ve got to be prepared that it’s not gonna be perfect as what I want. Right now, hoping that everything gonna turn out okay.InsyaAllah.

budak KL

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wut I Did Last Saturday ...

Today all the ladies in my famili go shoping for my kezen’s coming wedding in December.We’ve been searching for kain kaler pink and purple to suit the wedding theme.Hehe. Famili Mak Lang pun join skali. Tu yang syok tu. My mak lang is a taylor and she’s very good in mix and match kain and know latest trend for kain to make kurung or kebaya. They’re all shoping for 2 pasang baju. But I just bought 2 metres kain for my kurung top as I already bought the other 2 metres in September. Lamer kan nak carik kain nak buat mix and match ni. Initially nak match ngan kain yang sedia ader kat umah but then tak match la plak. That’s y I have to bought another kain for that matter. Now, it’s perfect. A combination of pink and baby blue. Tak sabar rasernyer nak hanta taylor and tgk kain tu dah siap. I’m having a confusion for a while for what kind of attire would I go for, kurung or kebaya. Pikir punya pikir, I think I would go for kurung. Simple and lasting. No issues of kenot pakai anymore if gain weight later rite. And easy for me to just send baju contoh instead of go for taylor measuring. Hehe. Just don’t wanna be fussy about this rite now.

One thing that I don’t even plan to do is buying one set of make up for my hantaran.Hehe. I stop by shiseido booth and this gold clutch attached to the make up set displayed for Christmas catch my attention. Ditambah dgn a very sweet promoter makes me feel like I wanna have it. Plus, I can go for makeover and few shots which I think its worth to buy.Hehe.Nak sedapkan hati, I’d rather say it as a make up testing.Haha. What’s making worth more is I’ve got a member card which entitles me for FOC make up session at any shiseido counter whenever I feel like I wanna have it. Which I think it’s a better deal for my coming e-day…

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Idea for My e-day...

Inspired by "Simpledress Collections" and "Inspired Bride"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Induction Camp..

Last October, for the very first time in my life..i’ve gone through an induction camp in Marang, Terengganu. As a freshies kat TM I have to attend this camp for 21 days. Sangat lamer tau. I suppose to have this in September but since that month was a fasting month so I’ve gone in October as the batch 12th for year 2009. Kali ni tak seramai like batch yg lepas2. We are 71 altogether, 35 gurls and 36 guys. It was a great experience for me. Getting to know new friends and do new things.

It’s like come back to the old school days bfore. In the very 1st 4 days, we had a team building and we’ve been separated into groups. My group called double prisma and we won as the best group as we win most of the games during the team building…hehe. Then after that we have classes from morning till evening…and sometimes sampai malam. End of the 1st week we make a trip to Pulau Kapas. It’s awesome. The island was amazingly beautiful especially air yg biru kehijauan itu. Kat saner, for the 1st time in my life I do snorkeling. Sangat best. Tapi tak puas sbb dapat snorkel setengah jam jer sbb hari nak hujan. We suppose to have 2 hours snorkeling session. I should do it next time when I’ve got the chance. At nite, we have our bbq. Then the next day move back to hostel. Petangnyer plak abah, mama and waqi dah sampai Marang. Abah was our trainer for our technical classes throughout the 2nd week. It is also the 1st time ever officially being abah student in my entire life. I just can’t describe what I feel. Macam-macam raser ader. At the end of 2nd week, we went jalan-jalan makan angin at Rantau Abang, Pantai Abang, rumah Hanafi and Pasar Payang. It’s really a time out after crashes our brain with all those technical terms in technical classes. The next day, we do two charity work which were rebrand TM cabinet and clean up the surau . I opt to join group gotong-royong bersihkan surau at one of the kawasan perumahan. Then, we have our dinner as in to celebrate the last day of Syawal. I join choir and Karaoke. And I won a 2nd place in Karaoke competition. Last day before we leave Marang, we make a night out to Restoran Lempeng and stay there till late nite. On the way back we stop by one of the Keropok Lekor shop to buy some buah tangan for the families. Memang untung besar la kedai tu aritu.hehe.

The best thing to remember was having such a big group of friends which make me feel like a big family. Until now, we always keep in touch by having breakfast and lunch together everyday.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Few years back ..

Just now i browse back my frenster accounts ..setelah sekian lamer tak menjenguk ..hehe..initially nk check which picture my bumblebee delete in my accounts but when i come across my blog there ..i feel like i wanna read what i blog there ..the reason i blog there dulu coz i really dunno how to use web blog like this one ..ini pun my bumblebee yg tolong createkan ..hehe..thanks darl..

Bile bace balik all my posting ..i feel glad i did it's really a place for me to let go what deep down inside of me ..even not all but still it helps ..especially when i feel so down ..some of them was a dialog from series which i think it's worth to note down ..actually it's for me to keep moving on with my life to share with all of u we are ...

"Someone is trying to find their way..
Someone is trying to find their place ..
Someone is trying to find their self..
Sometimes it is easy to feel that you’re the only one in this world
who is struggling , who is frustrated, or unsatisfied barely
getting behind…
but that feeling is a life…
and if you just hold on ..
just find the courage to face it all for another day …
someone or something may find you to make it all okay
because we all need a little help sometimes..
someone to help us hear the music in the world..
to remind us that it wont always be this way …
that someone is out there …
and that someone will find you…"
- One Tree Hill

"I know that ur life was completely different ……
I know that u work hard …
But sometimes u have to let go and let ur life like u are in a journey …
And when u are with me …
We can dance together through life ….
Whenever u wear these shoes …
Whenever u are with me..
U can travel anywhere …
So try them on …
If they fit ….
Maybe u could be my girl …"
- Spring Waltz

"U think u know me but u don’t
And that mean u don’t know what i can do
U see me as someone who has all the answers
And that’s not true
I might not always know what i’m doing
But i’ll try make things better
And when i make a mistake and scared to face it
I promise i’ll ask for your help
I can’t do this alone
And if u’ll take a chance on me
We can do great things together
I promise if u believe in me
I’ll find the courage to reach for your every dream.."
- One Tree Hill

budak kl

I'm back..

Sory updates since last 3 week. I’ve gone through an induction camp for 21 days in Marang,Terengganu..but my bumblebee @budak jb always update me with what happen to our blog tv, internet or music for 3 weeks make me feel isolate for a while from what’s goin on with the world..nevertheless my lil brain still doesn’t stop me from exploring ideas and dream on how my engagement and wedding theme would be ..

I’m so surprise when bumblebee said we’ve got few comments for our blog ..ingatkan xder org nak bacer blog kami ni ..hehe.. note here abt saye dirisik dah sampai ke telinga my kezen in Ohio..they also surprise with the news ..and ask me when we are getting married ..hopefully they’ll come back to Msia when my big day arrives..

My bumblebee and I plan to have a shopping for my e-day soon.Luckily I’ve been granted one leave to replace my deepavali holiday. So just wait for green light from bumblebee on his leave then only I can apply my leave. Turun lame skit yer awak …

budak kl

Monday, September 28, 2009

Trip to JB...

Like I said in my last entri ..abah ade plan nak turun ke JB ..and it happen to be last Saturday .. so pagi sabtu tu kami sume bgn awal ...semalam lagi abah dah remind sumer org yg kami akan bertolak paling lewat dalam kul 8…mule2 aku ingat cume famili aku ngan uncle jer yg pegi ..rupe2nyer pagi tu aku dapat surprise from derang..rupe2nyer kezen aku yana and maklang aku ikut sekali 3 keter la yg convoy ke JB aritu …

Bfore memulakan perjalanan ke JB, kteorang berhenti bfast kat Kg.Sijangkang and singgah petronas utk isi minyak..sambil tu beli kudapan utk mkn2 dalam keter …abah n yana pump taya ..bler sumer dh setel baru kterorg masuk hiway ke JB …all the way kami singgah kejap kat senawang & pagoh utk rehat ..angah sempat lagi beli handbag comel maser kami berhenti di pagoh …

Kami sampai di tol Kempas dlm kul 12.30..then dier lead famili aku ke rumah dier kat Taman Desa Jaya…ramainyer org kat umah dier ..segan la plak rasernyer ..lepas salam2 ngan famili dier …kami makan nasi briyani johor ..sangatla sedap ..mak angkat dier la yg masak aritu pun we all yg decide together since abah mmg suker nasi briyani …dlm kul 2.30 cmtu kami beransur n singgah kejap kat danga bay ..alang2 sampai kat JB cam rugi plak tak singgah danga bay kan ..lagi pun abah sajer bawak derang jalan2 ..takder aper2 sgt kat danga bay ..we all just jalan2 and amek gamba ...lagi pun time tu sangat la teriknye matahari ..dah name persisiran pantai ..mmg la sangat panas..dlm kul 3.30 baru kter org gerak ke Melaka plak …abah nak beli tikar mengkuang kat bandar hilir …

Kami sampai kat Ayer Keroh dlm kul 7.30 ..sempat sesat lagi sbb abah silap jalan nak g bandar hilir .. sampai kat bandar hilir kterorg naik menara taming sari and jalan2 kat bazaar dataran pahlawan ..mmg sangat teruja bler masuk bazar dataran pahlawan tu ….mcm2 outlet ader …haihh..kalo ader duit ni maunyer aku gler nak g shoping ..abah beli 2 tikar mengkuang and 1 tudung saji kat heritage bazaar..adik2 aku plak sempat beli jam tangan ..aku tgk jer ler…maser kat heritage bazar tu aku ader nampak bekas2 kecik yg sgt sesuai utk letak bunga rampai for hantaran ..auntie ckp kalo aku nak.. btau jer dier ..dier nak sponsor ..hehe..blom lagi la auntie lagi kut ..pastu ader la jugak dulang utk letak barang hantaran ..harga ader la dlm rm30 satu ..mak aih ..kalo beli utk 9 dulang ..mau nyer kene rm270 utk dulang jer tu …mahal gler …a big No No for that …. lepas dinner baru la kterorg gerak balik ke klang …sampai umah dlm kul 2 pagi ..penat gler…

oopss ..about dinner …kterorg makan kat fudkot area bazar tu jugak ..ader one stall ni mmg nampak exclusif ..sbb yg masaknyer we all order from him ..air tangan dier mmg sangat sedap …lepas ni kalo singgah melaka lagi ..mmg situ la tempat aku nak makan …

budak kl

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Akhirnya ku menemukanmu

Akhirnya ku menemukanmu
Saat hati ini mulai meragu
Akhirnya ku menemukanmu
Saat raga ini ingin berlabuh

Ku berharap engkau lah
Jawaban sgala risau hatiku
Dan biarkan diriku
Mencintaimu hingga ujung usiaku

Jika nanti ku sanding dirimu
Miliki aku dengan segala kelemahanku
Dan bila nanti engkau di sampingku
Jangan pernah letih tuk mencintaiku

Akhirnya ku menemukanmu
Saat hati ini mulai meragu
Akhirnya ku menemukanmu
Saat raga ini ingin berlabuh

beraya di teluk dan ...

pada raya ke3(22/09/09) hai tu keluarga aku ngan mak dhe pi ker teluk beraya kat rumah dia.. pada aku ni lah masa yg sesuai tuk org tua kami berkenalan... ambil kesempatan bulan syawal katakan.. tapi benornya ada yg lagi penting.... hehehe... antor cincin tanda. masa perjalann tu mcm2 lah aku pikir.. takut ini lah .. itu lah... tapi hakikatnya tak ader aper yg pelik pun berlaku.. ok jer.

masa kat umah dia aku dah tak pikir apa dah.... yg aku mintak harap2 tak ader aper yg tak diingini ber laku jer.... sampaikan ayah dia tanya ok ker tak.... hehehe.... entah2 dia perasan kot aper yg aku pikir masa tu.

sebelum balik tu... mak aku ni bagi lah duit raya kat budak2 yg ada kat situ.. aku pun tak sangka ramai plak budak masa tu... nasib baik lah mak aku dah standby awal duit raya tu kalu x kira bagi pukal jer lah... kang pandai2 dorang mbahagi.

budak jb

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Dari jauh aku nampak pak long dah tunggu kat depan pintu ..."tak bagitau paklong ye" ayat pertama paklong bler aku salam tangan paklong ..aku senyum jer ...sambil tu paklong belek tangan aku carik cincin tanda dari dier..kat dalam auntie n uncle dah tersengih jer dari jauh ...keje derang la ni ..x sangka plak aku sampai mcm tu skali reaksi kaum kerabat aku ..hehe...ape lagi.. kene interview la ngan keluarga paklong aku plak..mcm beser masing2 tanyer lagi bler la tarikh tunangnyer plak ..kalo bley derang nak cepat ..abah dh pening dgr advise dari paklong plak ..yg kelakanya paklong siap cakap lagi dier raser lega bler dgr anak buahnya dah dirisik orang ...kalo tak sibuk dier duk pening nak kenalkan anak2 buahnyer ni ngan siapa..kadang2 paklong aku ni aku tgk risonyer lebih dari ayah ngan mama aku ...

Malamnyer rayer umah kak lib ..time kak lib plak interview aku ..langsung kene repeat lagi story ..hehe..mungkin aku kene rakam n play recorder jer rasernyer lepas ni dh takder saper kut ..berita ttg aku dirisik dah sampai ke telinga sumer org2 penting dlm keluarga aku ..Alhamdulillah ..sumernyer gembira dgn berita tu ..itu yg penting bagi aku skang ...

Abang rasid aku sempat lagi nak kenalkan angah ngan kawan dier..kelaka..everitime jumper abg rasid ni dah raser macam jumper agent mencari jodoh ..

Dalam maser terdekat ni ..InsyaAllah famili aku akan beraya ke Johor plak ..rumah saper lagi ..rumah dier laa..niatnyer nak merisik blah saner plak ..get ready ye awak ..

budak kl

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih...

Janganlah mencari isteri, tapi carilah ibu bagi anak-anak kita
Janganlah mencari suami, tapi carilah ayah bagi anak-anak kita.

Anda bukan sedang meminta kepada orang tua/wali si gadis,
tetapi meminta kepada Allah melalui orang tua/wali si gadis.

Anda berdua bukan menikah di hadapan penghulu,tetapi menikah di hadapan Allah

Catat dan hitung semua tamu yang datang untuk mendoa'kan anda, kerana anda harus berfikir untuk mengundang mereka semua dan meminta maaf apabila anda berfikir untuk BERCERAI kerana
menyia-nyiakan do'a mereka.

Bersyukur dan bersabarlah. Anda adalah sepasang anak manusia dan bukan sepasang malaikat.

Sedarilah bahawa jalan yang akan dilalui tidak melalui jalan
bertabur bunga, tapi juga semak belukar yang penuh onak dan

Jangan saling berlepas tangan, tapi sebaliknya justru
semakin erat berpegang tangan

Cintailah isteri atau suami anda 100%

Jangan bagi cinta anda kepada (suami) isteri dan anak anda,tetapi cintailah isteri atau suami anda 100% dan cintai anak-anak anda masing-masing 100%.

Yakinlah bahawa pintu rezeki akan terbuka lebar berbanding lurus
dengan tingkat ketaatan suami dan isteri.

Jangan lupa akan jasa pasangan hidup yang setia mendampingi
kita semasa menderita

Boleh bermanja-manja kepada isteri tetapi jangan lupa untuk
bangkit secara bertanggung jawab apabila isteri memerlukan
pertolongan Anda.

Tetaplah berjalan dengan gemalai dan lemah lembut, tetapi selalu berhasil menyelesaikan semua pekerjaan.

Jangan pernah berpikir bahawa orang tua yang baik adalah orang
tua yang tidak pernah marah kepada anak,kerana orang tua yang baik adalah orang tua yang jujur kepada anak ....

Yakinilah bahawa tidak ada seorang anakpun yang tidak mahu bekerjasama dengan orang tua, yang ada adalah anak yang merasa tidak didengar oleh orang tuanya.

Jangan diminum, cukuplah suami, isteri sebagai ubat.

Gunakanlah formula 7 K
1 Ketaqwaan
2 Kasih sayang
3 Kesetiaan
4 Komunikasi dialogis
5 Keterbukaan
6 Kejujuran
7 Kesabaran

Dan dengan bertambahnya usia anda, anda akan semakin mensyukuri telah diberi dua tangan, satu untuk menolong diri anda sendiri, dan satu lagi untuk menolong orang lain.

Kecantikan wanita bukan terletak pada pakaian yang dikenakannya, bukan pada bentuk tubuhnya, atau cara dia menyisir rambutnya.

Kecantikan wanita terdapat pada matanya, cara dia memandang dunia. Kerana di matanyalah terletak gerbang menuju ke setiap hati manusia, di mana cinta dapat berkembang.

Kecantikan wanita, bukan pada kehalusan wajahnya, tetapi kecantikan yang murni, terpancar pada jiwanya, yang dengan penuh kasih memberikan perhatian dan cinta yang dia berikan dan kecantikan itu akan tumbuh sepanjang waktu.


Do you hear me,
I'm talking to you
Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying
Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you I promise you, I will

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music fill the air
I'll put a flower in your hair
Though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooooh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

My Veri First Ring ...

Pagi2 lagi aku dah bangun ..arini famili dier datang nak beri cincin tanda ..arini jugak buat pertama kalinyer aku bertemu muka ngan mak and abah dier..alhamdulillah perasaan aku sangat tenang ..cumer kelam kabut nak tolong mama sediakan makanan ...dari malam semalam mama duk pening nak jamu aper famili dier ...maklumla ..kalo diikutkan budaya famili kami mmg sangat berbeza walaupun turn back to asal usul nenek moyang kami ni samer last bler masuk tesco mama cam dah dapat idea nk masak aper ..asam pedas, lemak gori (nangka), kubis goreng n sup ayam special for her lil' sister..

Mula2 ingat majlis ni nak di buat antara famili aku ngan dier jer ..but then pakcik makcik aku blah mama sumer pakat nak dtg arini plak ..langsung kene la diberitahu sumernyer pasal majlis risik ni ..adushh..bertubi2 soklan "naper tak btau awal2" singgah kat telinga aku ni ..aku hanya mampu senyum jer ..sbb lagi pun hanya merisik and sesi berkenal2 antara famili jer ...tak sangka plak derang nak join skali kan ..sumernyer dah kecoh ..esp. mak lang ..siap tanyer cukup tak bahan2 nak jamu famili dier ..siap p tolong carikan mee kuning lagi ..utk buat mee kari tu la ...rayer tahun ni kedai sumer cuti pjg ..rayer ke3 pon masih lagi tak dapat beli sbb stok mee kat kedai dah habis ..hehe..

Dalam kul 1 cmtu famili dier sampai ..masing2 nampak kekok jer ..sbb pertama kali jumper kan saye sgt sker ..budaya kg. tu agak terasa jugak..beser la ..lepas salam mak de ngan mak dier ..sayer la yg kene hidang makanan ..sendukkan nasi ..tuangkan air ...nasib baik la tgn ni tak menggigil sangat ..

Lepas famili dier habis makan ..baru la mak de die suarakan hajat dier datang jumper famili aku ..mak dier pon kuarkan cincin then sarungkan kat tangan aku ..yg kelaka nyer aksi sarung cincin kene buat byk kali semata2 nak amek gamba ..malunyer ...naik segan aku ngan famili dier ..nasib baikla mak dier sporting ..hehe..sebelum balik sempat plak mak dier bg duit rayer kat kezen2 kecik aku ..sonok betul derang yg paling sonok adik aku yg bongsu tu la ..dier pon dpt duit rayer jugak walaupun dah besar pjg ..nasib baik belaja lagi ..

Selesai jer majlis tu ..masing2 dah tanyer ..tarikh tunangnyer bler n sempat 'sound' aku suh btau awal2 ..hehe..masing2 mula la bagi idea2 bernas derang tuh ..mak lang dah volunteer nak masak ..kak qia plak suggest kawan dier utk package baju pengantin n make up ..pastu ader jugak dah berangan nak letak pelamin ngan khemah tetamu kat maner ...adoiii..saper yg nak kawen ni ...abang yus yg dulu senyap pon dah pandai mengusik aku...dah penat nak buat muker merajuk sampai kak noli ikut join usik aku .. "along skang kene senyum jer..dah tak bley marah2 tau ..sat lagi hilang seri kat muka tu" ...sabarkan ajer laa

Petang ..abg abah ..pak lang aku plak sampai ..abah pun sampaikan berita tu kat pak lang..pastunyer sumer sibuk nak tgk gamba cik abang aku tu ..hehe..mcm beser soklan demi soklan aku kene jawab ...bab mengusik aku tu mmg tak tinggal la ...penat

Lepas arwah atok jual rumah and tanah dier..rumah aku ni la jadi tempat kaum keluarga aku lepak..suasana kg. tu mmg sangat terasa kat umah teluk aku tuh ..arini.. mimpi aper tah abang syari aku nk makan ikan bakar ..lepas drop mak lang n acik ..abg syari, qori n adik aku anas pegi cari ikan n arang nak buat ikan bakar ...syok jugak makan ikan bakar bler dah ramai camni ..dah tak larat nak makan ketupat nasi and rendang ...malamnyer plak ader bday party ain kat umah uncle ...this time makan ayam panggang plak sbb auntie buat bbq ..penuh dah perut ni ngan makanan...

Aku harap our baby step ni will end up with happy ending and last everafter..dan diberkati Dia ..Amin

budak kl

Friday, September 18, 2009


Running all the time
Running to the future
With you right by my side

I’m the one you chose
Out of all the people
You wanted me the most
I’m so sorry that I’m falling
Help me up lets keep on running
Don’t let me fall out of love

Running, running
As fast as we can
I really hope you make it
(Do you think we’ll make it?)
We’re running
Keep holding my hand
It’s so we don’t get separated

Be the one I need
Be the one I trust most
Don’t stop inspiring me
Sometimes it’s hard to keep on running
We work so much to keep it going
Don’t make me want to give up

Running, running
As fast as we can
I really hope you make it
(Do you think we’ll make it?)
We’re running
Keep holding my hand
It’s so we don’t get separated

The future

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ke Arah Itu..

“pakcik.. saya ada hajat besor ni”…. tu lah ayat paling degil skali nak kluar dari mulut aku ni. Ha.. lepah tu apa lagi.. diserangnya aku dengan soalan bertubi-tubi. Soalan maut beb. Kenapa?? macam mana?? sanggup ker?? dan banyak lagi.. mungkin perkara ni samer je kot berlaku kat jejaka mcm aku ni. Almaklumlah nak take over hak penjagaan.. tu yg kena filter dulu tu..
tapi apa yang aku rasa hari ni… ok lah berbanding sebelum2 ni. Biasanya kalu nak jumpa abah dia ni… blum smpai umah lagi jantung aku dah dung..dang…dung.. dang.. Dah smp satu tahap dah tak berirama langsung degupan dia. Hari ni aku cukup tenang. Harap2 lepah ni terus mcm ni…. dari segi perbincangan 8 mata (aku dan dia, mama dia, abah dia(yang ni sebut betul2 skit eh)…. semuanya ok tak der aper yg pelik2 yer tak syg…

niat hati nak berbuka ngan dia ni.. tapi disebabkn perkara lain terpaksalah aku korbankan nak buka ngan dia…nak lepah kan rindu benornya… tapi ok lah dapat tengok dan berbual kejap dgn dia jadilah.. yang penting aku dapat makan kuey teow yg dia masak… mantap beb ajiiiip.. gemuk lah aku lepah ni… ini pujian ihklas dari hati tau bukan penyedap hati…hehehe…
masa dlm perjalanan ke jb tadi aku ter pikir… tak sangka plak aku leh buat semua ni… biasalah aku nikan pemalu, penyegan dan seangkatannyalah… senyum memanjang aku….. dan tetibe plak air mata aku mengalir…. sikit jer tapi.. biler terpikir kekuasaan ALLAH.. mempermudahkan perkara di luar jangka… sukar untuk diberi tahu tapi boleh dibuktikan… tapi kena yakin.

kesimpulannya(ciplak ayat abah dia) semuanya berjalan lancar…. apa yang berlaku semua ni ada hikmah dia… tapi bukan bermaksud rintangan dan dugaan aku dah abis…. aku hanya serah kepada ALLAH dan mintak dipermudahkan segalanya…. kalu terbatuk skit2 tak per lah…. yang penting pada aku… kita ihklas ingin KE ARAH ITU.

budak jb

Maner Awak Ni...

Jam dah pukul 12…dah byk kali aku kol dier tak berjawab pun ..sms pun tak berbalas …dlm kepala ni dah terbayang mcm2…Nauzubillah …mama pun dah tanyer dier dah sampai maner …tetiber handphone aku berdering …nombor dier la …Alhamdulillah ..lega rasenyer …

Arini dier datang jumper abah utk sampaikan hajat dier rayer nanti …entah aper la reaksi abah agaknyer …tapi aku raser abah mcm dah bley agak kut la …tetiber jer dier datang nk jumper abah kan …bulan poser plak tu..

Kalo ikutkan plan awal ..abah nak jumper dier kat rumah teluk …nasib baik abah baik hati tukar venue meeting …kalo tak mesti lambat lagi ler nak sampai …dah la perjalanan dari jb ke kl dah makan maser 4 jam ..pastu nk ke klang lg ..pastu nk cari teksi g jln kebun lg …pastu nk rushing balik jb lg ..nasib baik esok dier shift malam …adoi ..mau semput rushing here n there …sian dier
Awak …chaiyo!!

budak kl