Sunday, October 25, 2009

Few years back ..

Just now i browse back my frenster accounts ..setelah sekian lamer tak menjenguk ..hehe..initially nk check which picture my bumblebee delete in my accounts but when i come across my blog there ..i feel like i wanna read what i blog there ..the reason i blog there dulu coz i really dunno how to use web blog like this one ..ini pun my bumblebee yg tolong createkan ..hehe..thanks darl..

Bile bace balik all my posting ..i feel glad i did it's really a place for me to let go what deep down inside of me ..even not all but still it helps ..especially when i feel so down ..some of them was a dialog from series which i think it's worth to note down ..actually it's for me to keep moving on with my life to share with all of u we are ...

"Someone is trying to find their way..
Someone is trying to find their place ..
Someone is trying to find their self..
Sometimes it is easy to feel that you’re the only one in this world
who is struggling , who is frustrated, or unsatisfied barely
getting behind…
but that feeling is a life…
and if you just hold on ..
just find the courage to face it all for another day …
someone or something may find you to make it all okay
because we all need a little help sometimes..
someone to help us hear the music in the world..
to remind us that it wont always be this way …
that someone is out there …
and that someone will find you…"
- One Tree Hill

"I know that ur life was completely different ……
I know that u work hard …
But sometimes u have to let go and let ur life like u are in a journey …
And when u are with me …
We can dance together through life ….
Whenever u wear these shoes …
Whenever u are with me..
U can travel anywhere …
So try them on …
If they fit ….
Maybe u could be my girl …"
- Spring Waltz

"U think u know me but u don’t
And that mean u don’t know what i can do
U see me as someone who has all the answers
And that’s not true
I might not always know what i’m doing
But i’ll try make things better
And when i make a mistake and scared to face it
I promise i’ll ask for your help
I can’t do this alone
And if u’ll take a chance on me
We can do great things together
I promise if u believe in me
I’ll find the courage to reach for your every dream.."
- One Tree Hill

budak kl

I'm back..

Sory updates since last 3 week. I’ve gone through an induction camp for 21 days in Marang,Terengganu..but my bumblebee @budak jb always update me with what happen to our blog tv, internet or music for 3 weeks make me feel isolate for a while from what’s goin on with the world..nevertheless my lil brain still doesn’t stop me from exploring ideas and dream on how my engagement and wedding theme would be ..

I’m so surprise when bumblebee said we’ve got few comments for our blog ..ingatkan xder org nak bacer blog kami ni ..hehe.. note here abt saye dirisik dah sampai ke telinga my kezen in Ohio..they also surprise with the news ..and ask me when we are getting married ..hopefully they’ll come back to Msia when my big day arrives..

My bumblebee and I plan to have a shopping for my e-day soon.Luckily I’ve been granted one leave to replace my deepavali holiday. So just wait for green light from bumblebee on his leave then only I can apply my leave. Turun lame skit yer awak …

budak kl