Wednesday, December 16, 2009

E-day Progress Report 1 ..

Sorry readers for not updating my blog since awhile. I’ve been so busy lately. I think since the day he came down to KL meeting my parents to discuss about our engagement day. Look at your left side, I’ve update the chronicles for my engagement day! Yeay, I climb another ladder in a so called boy and girl relationship, from a couple to a fiancĂ© to be. Alhamdulillah.

Okay, let’s start the story. After all the engagement details have been fixed, we start looking for the hantaran material. My kezen, Sis Noli, has been appointed by me to be my advisor and to help me with the hantaran. The moment I step my foot in the Sayang You store, I ask myself is this for real or I’m just dreaming? Hehe. So for the first day hunting, I just did a survey around jalan TAR. However, he bought the ring holder and bunga rampai case. Not to forget, we had bought the ring (very very important thing), his shirt and pants, and my kain for baju kurung before he went back to JB.

A week after that, I’d gone for hantaran hunting again. But this time I went with my uncle, auntie and sis Noli around Shah Alam area. Luckily, I found something that I love so much to be part of my hantaran deco at a very affordable price. And the moment I see all the gifts deco, I knew my mum would love it so much. An English or vintage style was like a dream of my hantaran would be. I spent about MYR50 for a gift box, a bowl and a two tier plate. I don’t know whether it can be so called cheap or not since it would depends on the bride’s budget. I think I would consider the price as ok since I’ve seen the vintage style at SSF Home Deco which would cost me a bomb. The first thing that attracts my attention is the candle holder in a hot pink and white color which we are going to transform it to be my bunga rampai holder (this one would be sponsor by my uncle). So from there, all the idea’s how my hantaran would be decorated suddenly came in. A vintage style that’s what my kezen name it. Once I start getting what I want, I’ve been so excited to complete the hantaran hunting. But as my kezen said, no rush, takut nanti we’re not gonna spend wisely. Still my hantaran hunting not complete yet, there are more to look and scout for; flower, ribbon, candle, another two candle holder, the fruit basket, and etc. And all are the deco stuff.

The following day, I just can’t stop my desire to look for more things for the hantaran deco. So I ask my sister to accompany me to look all the shop that we miss during the 1st hunting mission. First pit stop was the SSF Home Deco but not much that attracts my attention. It just the flowers that maybe we can consider. Then I go to the mall next to Semua House. Oh oh ..So many wedding stuff there. I did a survey on the tepak sirih and pahar if we can get the things cheaper there. While scouting around, my mother called for very good news. She informed me that she already bought the tepak sirih, pahar and also perenjis. Yeay! Selesai satu perkara. My hunting goes nowhere since there’s nothing to buy at my cost.

All kind of feelings rushing through my body and brain the moment I know that I have to get prepare for the engagement day. Feel like a dream, scared, worried, excited, happy…macam2 la. Betul ke aku ni dah nak jadi tunang orang. Macam kelaka pun ader jugak. Biler draft down action item yang kene buat ..adoi ..banyaknya. Sampai raser takut aper yang dihajati tak jadi kenyataan jer. But like all the brides blog have said, I’ve got to be prepared that it’s not gonna be perfect as what I want. Right now, hoping that everything gonna turn out okay.InsyaAllah.

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