Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bride to be...take note!

Something bad happen to me last saturday. My handbag was stolen!! And it happened during wedding at my auntie's house..

I started notice my handbag was gone when my sister asking me where did i put my handbag ...and i keep telling her...its there in the room and she said..."Along its not there!"

Adoiii...then everybody in the house start checking their things...and unfortunately my cousin, my auntie and my grandma had lost theirs too.

Nak dijadikan cerita, my cousin yg memula perasan her bag is not at the place where she put had gone with the bride for a photoshoot. She only notice that her bag was stolen when my auntie ask her to blocked all the bank cards while i was doing the same thing at home..when she did that..pencuri tu dah gune pun credit card die..nasib baik baru 60 ringgit..but still we have to pay for it, right!

Kami buat polis report petang tu juga...rupe-rupenye we're not the first one experiece this. Dah few case berlaku before where pencuri tu duk menyamar jadi kaum keluarga pengantin...

My auntie cik udi ade jugak perasan guest yg agak mencurigakan..tapi tak berani la nak tegur kut kut sedara jauh yg tak dikenali ...dibuatnya kalo btul sedara jauh kang terasa hati la plak..

Sedihnye...i have to redo all the important cards...and it takes few days to settle it all...

So unexpexted isn't it? So bride to be...important note to you all..please...pleasee remember to take precautions on secure all the precious things inside locked wardrobe or room...not only your things but your close relatives things too...if you dont want to lock the room then you have to make sure there is someone taking care of the room..'s the bride & groom in royal blue....congrats!

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