Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wut I Did Last Saturday ...

Today all the ladies in my famili go shoping for my kezen’s coming wedding in December.We’ve been searching for kain kaler pink and purple to suit the wedding theme.Hehe. Famili Mak Lang pun join skali. Tu yang syok tu. My mak lang is a taylor and she’s very good in mix and match kain and know latest trend for kain to make kurung or kebaya. They’re all shoping for 2 pasang baju. But I just bought 2 metres kain for my kurung top as I already bought the other 2 metres in September. Lamer kan nak carik kain nak buat mix and match ni. Initially nak match ngan kain yang sedia ader kat umah but then tak match la plak. That’s y I have to bought another kain for that matter. Now, it’s perfect. A combination of pink and baby blue. Tak sabar rasernyer nak hanta taylor and tgk kain tu dah siap. I’m having a confusion for a while for what kind of attire would I go for, kurung or kebaya. Pikir punya pikir, I think I would go for kurung. Simple and lasting. No issues of kenot pakai anymore if gain weight later rite. And easy for me to just send baju contoh instead of go for taylor measuring. Hehe. Just don’t wanna be fussy about this rite now.

One thing that I don’t even plan to do is buying one set of make up for my hantaran.Hehe. I stop by shiseido booth and this gold clutch attached to the make up set displayed for Christmas catch my attention. Ditambah dgn a very sweet promoter makes me feel like I wanna have it. Plus, I can go for makeover and few shots which I think its worth to buy.Hehe.Nak sedapkan hati, I’d rather say it as a make up testing.Haha. What’s making worth more is I’ve got a member card which entitles me for FOC make up session at any shiseido counter whenever I feel like I wanna have it. Which I think it’s a better deal for my coming e-day…

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Idea for My e-day...

Inspired by "Simpledress Collections" and "Inspired Bride"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Induction Camp..

Last October, for the very first time in my life..i’ve gone through an induction camp in Marang, Terengganu. As a freshies kat TM I have to attend this camp for 21 days. Sangat lamer tau. I suppose to have this in September but since that month was a fasting month so I’ve gone in October as the batch 12th for year 2009. Kali ni tak seramai like batch yg lepas2. We are 71 altogether, 35 gurls and 36 guys. It was a great experience for me. Getting to know new friends and do new things.

It’s like come back to the old school days bfore. In the very 1st 4 days, we had a team building and we’ve been separated into groups. My group called double prisma and we won as the best group as we win most of the games during the team building…hehe. Then after that we have classes from morning till evening…and sometimes sampai malam. End of the 1st week we make a trip to Pulau Kapas. It’s awesome. The island was amazingly beautiful especially air yg biru kehijauan itu. Kat saner, for the 1st time in my life I do snorkeling. Sangat best. Tapi tak puas sbb dapat snorkel setengah jam jer sbb hari nak hujan. We suppose to have 2 hours snorkeling session. I should do it next time when I’ve got the chance. At nite, we have our bbq. Then the next day move back to hostel. Petangnyer plak abah, mama and waqi dah sampai Marang. Abah was our trainer for our technical classes throughout the 2nd week. It is also the 1st time ever officially being abah student in my entire life. I just can’t describe what I feel. Macam-macam raser ader. At the end of 2nd week, we went jalan-jalan makan angin at Rantau Abang, Pantai Abang, rumah Hanafi and Pasar Payang. It’s really a time out after crashes our brain with all those technical terms in technical classes. The next day, we do two charity work which were rebrand TM cabinet and clean up the surau . I opt to join group gotong-royong bersihkan surau at one of the kawasan perumahan. Then, we have our dinner as in to celebrate the last day of Syawal. I join choir and Karaoke. And I won a 2nd place in Karaoke competition. Last day before we leave Marang, we make a night out to Restoran Lempeng and stay there till late nite. On the way back we stop by one of the Keropok Lekor shop to buy some buah tangan for the families. Memang untung besar la kedai tu aritu.hehe.

The best thing to remember was having such a big group of friends which make me feel like a big family. Until now, we always keep in touch by having breakfast and lunch together everyday.