Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Next Big Thing ...

I know this is like to early for this ...but i'm very glad to share it with all of u ..strictly to those who already married k ..hehee...bride to be pun ok jugak sebab boleh plan ..haha...

About few hours ago ..my beloved hubby ask me to count my period cycle so we would know when is my fertile days ...look how excited he is wanting to be a dad huh ..ekeke...now here i am googling something for me to learn about my body cycle which i dont even bother last time ...and see what i have found ..


I think this website is really helpful for those who does not know how to predict your ovulation period or to know when is the best intercourse time in getting baby boy or girl .. sweet right..

Love to share it with you ;) ..

But remember this is merely a guidance okay ...

p/s: manusia hanya mampu merancang, Allah yang bisa menentukan

The Day I'm Officially Yours ... 25.11.2010

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