Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You'll find your way...

Last saturday, my lil brother Anas was asking me to buy him Maher Zain CD. I was surprised by his request coz it is not the kind of music he would love to listen to. Hehe. Since I think it was a very good investment for him, so I bought him the CD. All this while, my family always suggesting me to listen to Maher Zain and I know he's the current favourite singer nowadays but I did not bother to really listen to his songs. That day, Anas played his CD and I was so in love with his music. Very soothing to my ears. Even grandma loves it. One of the song that really catch my heart would be Insha Allah ...preferably because I really need something to relax me...and really need someone to say Insha Allah everything will be okay...hhee..

It just around the corner. Another 15 days ..rasenye macam baru semalam I tengok my countdown kat sebelah ni tulis lagi 30 hari..haihh...

I have distribute the cards. Alhamdulillah ..they love it. Setelah kami berpenat lelah memerah otak dan bertekak ...akhirnye tercetak juga wedding card according to our preference. Thank you sayang.

Since I've officially declared my wedding date, most colleagues I've met will ask "how's the preparation? Banyak lagi tak siap ke?" ...aku hanya mampu tersenyum dan membalas "Alhamdulillah ..everything was on track" . Cume Allah je yang tahu how worry and nervous I am , looking at the progress and plan that always changing. Everyday, I pray everything will be fine and semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan.

Kaki Abah sakit lagi. Kali ni lutut plak yang bengkak. Tapi Abah tetap nak drive kereta untuk hantar kad. Risau. Nasib baik Anas balik and bawak Abah pergi klinik. Alhamdulillah ..he's getting better.

Baju family and pengapit dah siap. Alhamdulillah. Sumenya okay. Cume baju kurung I need to alter a lil bit sebab besar. Atiq, my tailor, macam tak percaya so he measured me back. Rupe-rupenye dah turun 2 inch. Wuhuu..besstt. Tapi kawan-kawan semua bilang jangan kurus sangat Iema, nanti tak cantik. Hehee.

Last step in Nikah procedures before hari akad nikah is for me to fill up the form given by Jabatan Agama which comes together with my surat kebenaran bernikah. Once i've completed, Abah give all the forms and documents to the Kadhi back. Now, tunggu hari je.

Langsir rumah dah siap. Cantik! coz it's baby blue. Langsir my room pun dah siap. Thanks Mak Lang! Kesian Mak Lang...sampai bengkak kaki jahitkan langsir for the wedding.

Last 2 weeks, we pay a visit to Saleha catering to confirm the menu and last week Abah follow up with Melor Canopy, Cempuling and kompang. Left only doorgift tak follow up lagi.

I have booked Tanamera Spa for my spa leisure. Hee. I choose a'la carte instead of bridal package. I've decided to have two spa session before the wedding. First, Aromatherapy body massage and next would be their Bumi package which cover from head to toe together with manicure and pedicure. The price I pay not the same like what have been stated in the spa menu in the website coz they give me discount. Hehe. So, if you're interested with them jangan segan mintak discount tau. By the way, i'll have my spa at Pertama Kompleks since it is part of my daily route. So, i'm not sure whether cawangan lain boleh bagi discount like cawangan kat Pertama Kompleks or not.

Since last week cuti panjang skit, Pak Long and Cik Era datang rumah. Terasa meriah plus we've been doing the gubahan for hantaran. So we stayed up late sambil ibu-ibu bercerita nostalgia lama zaman muda-muda dulu. I loved those moments we had, every second of it.

Next, bunting and wedding direction on the way .... =)